INSTITUTIONAL / Mission & Vision

"Administered in the form deconcentrated and comprehensive regime of intellectual property in all its components, through strict observance of statutory Intellectual Property of compliance monitoring and effective protection of exclusive rights referred to property industrial, copyright and related rights; becoming the national office with jurisdiction over international treaties and regional agreements signed and adhered to by the country, as well as common standards and regimes in Intellectual Property have been adopted in the framework of the Andean integration process." (Source: Decretos Supremo 28152, Capitulo II, Articulo 3.)

"Being a Specialized Technical Institute, effective, efficient and transparent Integral Intellectual Property, providing quality services to national and international users, giving their registered legal certainty, encouraging creativity, the development of the human intellect, promoting productive investment to consolidate Living Well, with advanced technology and highly technical manpower in the business".

Institutional Values

    • Compromise
    • Honesty
    • Responsibility
    • Loyalty
    • Solidarity
    • Vocation of service
    • Quality and warm service
    • Respect
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Oficina central - La Paz
Av. Argentina No. 1914
Edif. Angélica María
entre calles Villalobos y Díaz Romero
Zona Miraflores
Teléfonos: 2115700 - 2119276 - 2119251
Fax: 2115700
Oficina Distrital - El Alto
Av. Juan Pablo II
Edif. Multicentro EL CEIBO Ltda.,
Piso 2, Oficina 1A,
Teléfono: 2141001
Oficina Distrital - Cochabamba
Calle Chuquisaca # 649, Piso 2
entre Antezana y Lanza
Zona Central - Noroeste
Teléfonos: 4141403
Oficina Distrital - Santa Cruz
Prolongacion Quijarro,
esq. Uruguay No. 29
Edif. Bicentenario, 1er. Anillo
Teléfono: 3121752
Oficina Distrital - Oruro

Galería Central calle 6 de Octubre
entre Ayacucho y Junín No. 5837,
Oficina 14 (Ex Banco Fie)
Teléfono: 67201288

Oficina Distrital - Chuquisaca
Calle Kilómetro 7 No. 366
casi esquina Urriolagoitia
Zona, Parque Bolivar
Teléfono: 72005873
Oficina Distrital - Tarija
Calle Ingavi #156
entre Colón y Suipacha
Edif. Coronado
Piso 2 Of. 202
Zona Central - Teléfono: 72015286
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