The Organization and Functions of the National Intellectual Property Service are set by order of the DS 25159 September 4, 1998 is replaced by the DS 27938 on December 20, 2004 and amended in part by the DS 28152 of May 17, 2005 which are manifested in the following functions:

  • Managing intellectual property regime, consisting of industrial property standards, copyright and neighboring rights, to the extent these matters internationally recognized.
  • Receive, evaluating and process applications for intellectual property rights, publishing, grant or deny rights, register and certify, pursuant to Law
  • In implementing the Common Regime of Industrial Property and the Common Provisions on Copyright and Related Rights, approved by Decisions 486 and 351 of the Andean Community, respectively, and Law No. 1322 - Law on Copyright, which provides protection administrative, monitoring and protecting the exercise of intellectual property rights by their owners and knowing, meeting and punishing their violation, resulting from actions of infringement and unfair competition that stand in administrative proceedings.
  • Keep and maintain, with adequate security, records, files, databases and information technology incorporated in applications, acted and intellectual property records.
  • Direct, coordinate and implement policies and strategies for the development of intellectual property regimes and the protection of rights arising thereof.
  • Act as national body jurisdiction over international treaties and regional conventions of the Andean legal standards, ensuring their effective implementation and enforcement.
  • Promote, within the area of its competence and in cooperation with related companies, scientific research and technological development-oriented productive and competitive in the country.
  • Promote the development and participation of organizations representing holders of intellectual property rights, articulating coordination mechanisms for better protection of their rights.

Establish mechanisms for information and service to users

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