A trademark is any sign capable to distinguish goods or services in the market, can be registered as trademarks susceptible of graphic representation consisting of drawings, emblems, monograms, engravings, word combinations, containers, figures, graphic symbols, letters , three-dimensional shapes, etc.

A trademark allows not just the identification of property or services but also represents the prestige of their manufacturers. The brands are divided into:

Word or set of words that identify the product, company or service offered. Denominative
Figurative Mark Drawings that differentiate identify the product, company or service offered. Figurative Mark
Composite Mark Those who have a combination of letters and drawings, position the brand in the market. Composite Mark
Three-dimensional Mark Distinguished by the peculiar shape of container or wrapper. Three-dimensional Mark
Hearing Mark A set of chords or characteristic sound that distinguish a company, a product or service offered. Hearing Mark
Collective Mark Sign graphical representation that distinguishes and identifies all the products or services you want to offer an association of people who sell the same product in the market. Collective Mark


The denomination of origin is a geographical indication country, region or a particular area, used to designate a product originating therein, the quality, reputation or other characteristics are due exclusively or essentially to the geographical environment in which it occurs, including natural and human factors.

It can be requested by:

  • Natural and legal persons
  • State authorities, departmental, municipal or provincial
  • Producers Associations


A patent is a property right that the government grant the owner of an invention, this patent enables the owner clearly disseminate the benefits of the invention to the community, and indulge in exclusive product of the economic benefit of their intellect.

Patents are divided into:

Utility Models Existing tool that has been improved or implemented for more optimal use. Utility Models
Scheme Designs of Integrated Circuits Electronic support in which exist several interconnections, making it novel in the electronics industry and refers to the three dimensional arrangement of the component elements of an integrated circuit. Scheme Designs of Integrated Circuits
Industrial Design Manmade object to be used as a production model, meaning they have an original pattern either for comfort or simple aesthetics. Industrial Design
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